[ 國際調酒師系列 ] 來自北歐的調酒界神仙教母—— Monica Berg

來自挪威的Monica berg,同時也是調酒平台P(our) 的共同創辦人。她被認為是這一世代最優秀的調酒師之一,並且在世界各地發揮影響力。2015年時,她還獲得了Linie Honorary Award 榮譽獎,以表彰她對挪威飲食文化的貢獻。

Monica 絕對是你見過最溫柔、有親和力卻又堅定的人,她發自內心的關心所有她遇見的人,包括員工、顧客,對她來說,能夠讓別人開心的事就是最棒的事,這種源自基因的動力,是讓她能夠成為這個產業裡舉足輕重的角色的重要原因。

P(our) 是一個世界性的組織,每年舉辦聚會,讓調酒師、侍酒師、咖啡師及其他各種與飲品相關的專業人士可以齊聚一堂,互相分享自己的點子與困擾,Monica就是利用這樣的方式,讓調酒師不僅僅只是埋頭苦幹,而是有了分享、進步與共同成長的可能。

這次透過台灣國際調酒師週她來到KOR Taipei擔任講師,當然要滿足一下我們的好奇心:


我認為這兩者絕對有非常多相同之處。要在這兩項技藝上成功,你必須非常清楚各種風味以及如何結合它們,也必須要相當熟悉各種不同的處理手法。更重要的是,烹飪跟調酒都是可以帶給人們歡樂的事情,而且可以帶來相當棒的體驗。我喜愛的餐酒搭配有很多種,但我要承認,我最愛的就是Martinis 配生蠔!

2.P(our) 是一個很棒的計畫,你們將所有跟Pour有關的職業人士都拉進來,每年舉辦各種活動,你的初衷是什麼?為什麼會想加入這個組織?



挪威有著非常多樣化的酒吧文化,對於啤酒、紅酒及調酒都有很多充滿熱情的人。我非常喜歡挪威調酒師們將當地食材拿來使用的作法,我也希望這些會持續的發展下去。我自己個人最喜歡使用的當地食材就是沙棘(Sea buckthorn)、海松露(Truffle seaweed)以及克菲爾乳清(Kefir whey)。





Learn more about Monica Berg:

Monica Berg: bar industry needs ‘sustainability of people’
Behind the Menu at Norway’s Most Experimental Cocktail Bar

Monica Berg is an award winning bartender and one of the co-founders of the beverage platform P(our). Born in South Korea but growing up in Norway, she opened her first bar when she was just 11, and then later moved to London in 2013 to continue her bartending education. In 2015 she was awarded the Linie Honorary Award for her services to and for Norwegian food and drink culture.

She is one of the most tender, cordial but resolute people you will ever meet. She genuinely cares about people, including employees, customers, and everyone she meets. For her, creating a great experience is the most wonderful thing in the world. Monica’s interpersonal qualities and ability to focus on more than just drinks and recipes, is one of the reasons why she has become one of the most influential bartenders in Europe and the leading bartender to come out of Scandinavia.

P(our) is a not-for-profit platform where bartenders, sommeliers, baristas, brewers, winemakers, distillers, and others that work in the beverage industry can connect, share, discuss and learn together. Using P(our) as a platform to educate, Monica has encouraged young bartenders to be more than a drink-maker and instead think more philosophically about bartending.

We had a few questions for her when she visited KOR Taipei during Taipei Bartenders Week 2017:

1.You love to cook. What differences and similarities are there between cooking and bartending in your opinion? Nowadays these two crafts are highly related, and people are getting used to pairing food with cocktails. What is your favorite pairing?

I definitely think there are many similarities. To be successful in both, you have to know your flavours and how to combine them, and also be skilled in using different techniques. More importantly, both cooking and bartending has the wonderful ability to give joy to people and to be part of a greater experience. I have many favourite combos or pairings, but I must admit I do love Martinis & Oysters!

2.P(our) is a fascinating program, with drink professionals from wide disciplines partaking in an annual symposium. What was the original intention of P(our)’s? Why did you decide to start this project?

P(our) is a platform where bartenders, sommeliers, baristas and others that work in the drinks industry can connect, share and grow together. It is a space where one can share ideas but also ones worries – its a very much for bartenders by bartenders, and hopefully it will grow into being an important forum where everyone can feel they have a voice.

3.You come from Norway and so we are curious about the bar culture in Norway. Could you share some stories with us? Do you have any special Norwegian ingredients that are used to make cocktails?

Norway has a very diverse bar culture, and it’s great to see how passionate people are about beer, wine and cocktails. I love the fact that Norwegian bartenders are very focused on using local flavours, and I really hope this is something that will continue moving forward. My personal favourites to use in cocktails are sea buckthorn, truffle seaweed and kefir whey

4.You once said that you need to have 6 months to create your new menu. What’s your principle when designing a menu? Why does it take so long?

Firstly, obviously it takes time to conceive the concept / theme of the menu , but also to actually create all the drinks. The last menu I created took 10 months, but in the end I was very proud of the final result.’

5.What do you think are the most important qualities of a good bartender?

There are several qualities I look for in a bartender, efficiency / cleanliness / flexibility etc, but I think one of the most important one is empathy. The ability, and urge to care for colleagues, guests, suppliers and community is a must. As a bartender, you job is so much more than making drinks and serving people – its about caring for people.


Learn more about Monica Berg:

Monica Berg: bar industry needs ‘sustainability of people’
Behind the Menu at Norway’s Most Experimental Cocktail Bar





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