KOR上海 公告 / KOR Shanghai Announcement


謠言是真的 – KOR 終於要來到上海了。於台北屢獲殊榮的超級餐酒廊將於2019年底,在上海最繁華之靜安區精華地點『會德豐國際廣場』落居。

KOR上海在設計和體驗將保留與台北前身相同的DNA,其迷人之黑、白和金色裝潢、東方風格的調酒文化、客制嘻哈音樂編程(無EDM),都將從台北延伸至上海。KOR上海更將全面升級,擁有比台北前身兩倍大之面積,世界頂尖音響系統(KOR台北鍍鉻金客制音響之升級版),由 Jenson Pei 行政主廚所領導餐廳,以及世界名廚『江振誠』帶領 AC Global 團隊設計的塔帕斯風格菜單。 

KOR上海為『theLOOP集團』(KOR Taipei, OMNI Nightclub, ALTA Nightclub)品牌之一,此次KOR上海將與『MUSE集團』(The Nest, Cannery, Highline)共同領導,聯手為上海一流名人和具影響力之音樂家創造了完美的社交據點,一同共享午餐、下午茶、晚餐和入夜後的餐酒饗宴。


The rumours are true – KOR is bound for Shanghai. In late 2019, Taipei’s award-winning super lounge will debut in Shanghai’s bustling Jing’an District at Wheelock Square.

KOR Shanghai will retain the same sparkling DNA as its Taipei headquarters in terms of look and feel, but will altogether offer Shanghai an elevated experience from its predecessor. Its glamorous black, white and gold interior will carry over to the mainland as will the oriental-inspired cocktail program and hip-hop forward format (read: EDM-free). New enhancements for Shanghai include almost double the square footage, a supercharged sound system (which says a lot considering its current custom chrome gold setup), a restaurant led by Executive Chef Jensen Pei, and an all-day tapas-inspired menu based on the culinary exploits of AC Global, a culinary design and consulting house owned by Michelin-starred Chef André Chiang.

KOR Shanghai is helmed by theLOOP (KOR Taipei, OMNI Nightclub, ALTA Nightclub), the inventor and innovator of the brand, alongside Shanghai’s own MUSE Group (The Nest, Cannery, Highline) who together have created the perfect scene for A-list celebrities and influential musicians to rub shoulders with the glitterati of Shanghai’s social scene for lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, all the way through to late-night libations.

Watch this space for updates, we’ve only just begun.
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KOR Taipei 主吧台景 / KOR Taipei Main Bar View
KOR Taipei 劇場式卡座設計 / KOR Taipei Stadium Seating Design
KOR Taipei 餐飲模式 / KOR Restaurant Mode
KOR Taipei Lounge 模式 / KOR Taipei Lounge Mode
KOR Taipei’s Gin Consommé Cocktail